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fd art 

introducing a new visual communication

our work spans the globe. we have been involved in numerous projects across north and south america, the middle east and all over asia.

fd special finishes & novacolor

fd innovative art is in collaboration and exclusive distribution of novacolor® special finishes (hong kong and macau), which are a range of environmentally-friendly, water-based products for indoor and outdoor spaces. with these versatile products, a wide range of textures, styles and high-end visual effects can be skillfully achieved.  

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 afresco wall

Afresco wall transfer is a high-quality color transfer that can be fixed to any material without the use of other media, which means decorations, including luxury wall paint, can be applied with an invisible joint system. It is perfect for indoor or outdoor decorations of all scales and substrates.

afresco canvas

afresco canvas involves a specially treated canvas and a high-tech digital printing system that is applied directly as murals, or framed as painted artworks. afresco canvas is a wide format product that can be used to decorate large flat or curved surfaces using one single piece, and can be produced using diverse textures.

3d - wall art

using a wide variety of materials, fd offers a collection of modern and contemporary 3d - wall art pieces, that give interiors new levels of depth and dimension. each wall piece is distinctively designed to create a unique atmosphere and accent to the space it inhabits.

fd Geo Stone

is a dimensionally stable, transparent thermoplastic with a

structure that allows for outstanding impact resistance.

With high-performance properties, 
Geo Stone is the leading plastic material for various applications that demand high functioning temperatures and safety features.

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fd experience

are you getting the artistic solution you were looking for?

work with our artists, who will support you in creating the right artistic decor for your project.

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